Vernissage of noise

An intermedia plan based on audience participation. Showing that the everyday sounds surrounding us, which we perceive as noise and hum, can be treated as music and combined with visual perception. The basis of the vernissage was an animation projected on a flexible screen stretched by wires and giving an additional vibration effect. The animation was accompanied by a soft background composed of everyday sounds that are not considered music, such as: ambulance signal, engine whirring, murmurs, glass clanking.... The participants were given instruments called idiophones, or "disturbances" in music, but this time they were not the typical instruments used by musicians, but for example: bottles filled with water with different sounds, makeshift drums, cans filled with different grainy materials, rustling foils... and the list goes on. We were joined in the hall by a young musician, Tomasz Litra, who synthesized the sounds of guitar and trumpet and thus closed our participation with a buckle into a whole, considered music by outsiders. Here is a cursory documentation. The author of the photos is Grzegorz Hussak.

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